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The Lovers Rum

Tasting Notes:
A unique blend that combines the styles of five very distinct characteristics and flavours of Latin American and Caribbean rums together as one. This blended rum from Barbados, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Panama, Guatemala. sweeter notes, then brings a complex peppery, and dryness.
Crafted to be the perfect base for a daiquiri, this unique blend of Latin American and Carribean rums fills the nose with aromas of toffee, muscovado sugar, pencil shavings, pineapple and cinnamon and has a delicious notes of peppercorn spice, cinnamon, passion fruit and citrus.
ABV: 43%
Origin: Blended in The Netherlands

The Lovers Rum is a vibrant blend of Latin American and Caribbean rums, created by the brilliant team of ex-Bacardi ambassador David Cordoba and beverage specialist Arijit Bose. The Lovers Rum was born by the combination of two inputs: a family tradition and passion for the liquid that gave base to some of the most well-known classic rum cocktails, and the enigmatic and romantic idea of knowing the future and what lays ahead in our lives.

About The Brand

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