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Hey, we’re Trouble - the good kind! (most of the time) 

Singapore born and brewed, Trouble Brewing was launched in 2017 with a simple purpose: to bring quality, fresh, local brews that taste good and are affordable. 

Our Tuas-based brewery is where we started whipping up our sessionable brews, and after much experimentation and essential taste tests (of course), our founders quickly realised that we just wanted to make craft beer that people love.


So, while we’re not brewing anything triple-hopped that might taste unique but takes a week to digest, our Trouble beers are brewed with a sincere desire to just give people a bloody good drink. Now, you can find our range of beers in over 100 outlets across Singapore. 

Despite our story starting with beer, the Trouble range has since expanded to include our cider and hard seltzers (as well as a few other things we’ve got up our sleeves...) 

Our team isn’t big, but we’re damn passionate about providing good drinks for good people (and the troublemakers, too, of course) 

About The Brand

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