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We search for the exceptional, to share with our discerning customers. Our philosophy is demanding but meritocratic: the quest is for the liquid and not the label – constantly seeking that elusive but exhilarating blend of age, character and vitality.


1925 Grand Champagne Cognac

Nearly a century later, on this old estate in the heart of Cognac’s Grande Champagne region, we discovered something very special at the back of a cellar. Behind a hastily built wall, erected to protect it from advancing German forces, a single cask had been hidden in 1940.

1925 Grand

Champagne Cognac

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The Glenrothes Trilogy

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Glenrothes produced single malt exclusively for blending, so it is extremely unusual to be able to taste single cask single malts from this period.

The Glenrothes


TLD 1971 BSW 1.jpg

1971 Blended Scotch

You need only to taste one drop to be enveloped in this harmonious complexity of this exceptional whisky. 

1971 Blended

TLD 1976 Jamaica Rum 2.jpg

1976 "Very Old" Jamaican Rum

This 43 year old rum is undeniably delicious, with the richness of a classic Jamaica Rum, and the smoothness that comes with great age.

1976 "Very Old"

Jamaican Rum

1976 "Very Old" 
Jamaican Rum

TLD 1977 Dumbarton Single Grain 2.jpg

1977 Dumbarton Single Grain 

Grain whiskies are generally thought to be “lighter” than single malts, but occasionally the alchemy of fine spirit, good wood – here from ex-bourbon casks – and Old Father Time creates something truly exceptional; with that in mind, we present our Dumbarton Single Grain Scotch Whisky.

1977 Dumbarton

Single Grain 

TLD 1980 Bourbon 1.jpg

1980 Buffalo Trace Bourbon 

The 1980 Bourbon Whiskey was distilled by Gary Gayheart, and was uncovered by his apprentice, Harlan Wheatley, now the Master Distiller at Buffalo Trace. Nearly 20 years in wood have given the spirit a rich colour, a magnificent nose and a finish to delight the most jaded of palates.

1980 Buffalo

Trace Bourbon 

TLD 56 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky 3.

56 Year Old Blended Scotch

56 years’ ageing have created a remarkable and unique whisky, with all the hallmarks of single malts from every corner of Scotland. There are notes of Islay smoke, sweetness from Speyside, and a roundness and depth that is redolent of the Highlands. 

56 Year Old

Blended Scotch

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