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Stranger & Sons Gin

Tasting Notes:
As you take a sip of this inherently Indian gin, you're greeted by a beautiful freshness from Indian citrus peels that include Gondhoraj lemons from the East, oranges from Nagpur, and Indian sweet limes and nimbu from Goa. Black pepper, coriander, and mace follow to give this gin a strong spiced middle while liquorice, cassia, and nutmeg make the finishing flourish warm and sweet. 
ABV: 42.8%
Origin: Goa, India

Distilled by Third Eye Distillery in Goa, India, Stranger & Sons Gin is made with 9 inherently Indian botanicals. It is a contemporary ode to India's agricultural diversity, entrepreneurial spirit and wonderfully strange traditions. A spirit from India that captures the spirit of India.

About The Brand

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