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Mezcal Unión Joven

Tasting Notes:
Espadín and Cirial agave varieties come together in Unión Uno to create an intoxicating balance of botanical flavours. The sweet and fruity notes of the Espadín agave meet the earthy, herbal, citrus flavours of the Cirial, and counterbalanced by a smoky taste that comes from the natural oakwood-and-stone oven charring of the agave hearts during production. Made using all-natural, organic ingredients and techniques, the fermented agave juice is distilled in an alembic copper still to produce this perfectly balanced, artisanal mezcal.
ABV: 38.5%
Origin: Mexico
Brussels World Competition 2019 | Gold Medal

Mezcal Unión

El Viejo

Tasting Notes:
El Viejo is made from 8-14 year old Tobalá and Espadín agave varieties. The initial pleasant oaky flavour reveals its artisanal production process using oak wood and mesquite. It is followed by subtle sweetness from the caramelised agave, and flowery herb tones of Tobalá Agave, leaving a long back sweet taste of Espadín Agave. 
ABV: 45%
Origin: Mexico
2016 San Francisco World Competition | Gold Medal

Mezcal Unión’s unique production network supports local farmers and micro-distilleries, whereby knowledge and investment are provided in return of the promise to buy the finished product. This method allows producers to become entrepreneurs (not employees) with a client who guarantees to buy their product; their income becomes sustainable. Mezcal Unión, hence produces their artisanal products independently in collaboration with the agave farmer families to create these high-quality mezcal based on good practices that care for the ecosystem.  

About The Brand

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