Calamba, Laguna,


The Philippine’s first ever craft distillery located in Calamba, Laguna, handcrafting a line of artisanal spirits that celebrate the wondrous tropical flora and terroir, using locally-sourced handpicked ingredients from various parts of the Archipelago.

ARC Botanical Gin
A blend of 28 exotic botanicals, 22 of which are foraged from across the Philippines

Taste: Pomelo, Dalandan, Ginger, Calamansi, Chamomile, Cinnamon
ARC Barrel Reserve Gin
ARC Barrel Reserve Gin rested in New American Oak barrels with a medium long toast (Burgundy style), to import a rich medley of aromas.

Taste: Rich & Complex. Juniper, Citrus, Pomelo, Oak & Vanilla
ARC Lava Rock Vodka
Archipelago Lava Rock Vodka is an extremely smooth, crisp and clean spirit that celebrates our handcrafted, artisanal distilling processes. It begins with a premium neutral grain spirit crafted from 100% wheat, then naturally filtered with lava rocks from Taal and Mayon volcanoes. This special filtration process allows the lava rocks to impart a subtle minerality to the spirit, a truly Filipino flavour.

Taste: Fresh and clean taste. Round mouth feel
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700ml | 45% ABV

700ml | 45% ABV

700ml | 43% ABV

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