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Move Forward with Dyspatchr

Dyspatchr is a different approach to distribution born out of years of doing market entry for products.

We have seen great products succeed and we have seen equally great products fail. What we focused on was why?

These lessons shaped our approach to distribution:

We’re not trying to build the market’s biggest portfolio of whiskies, rums or gins. We’re in fact doing the exact opposite, building a well-rounded portfolio that we actively promote and steward to success in the market.

Brand Owner Mentality

It’s not just lip service, we thought about what we’d want out of a distribution partner for our products and built it.

No Competing Brands

This constraint is incredibly powerful and forces us to be extremely selective in the products we take on and it means we’re never conflicted about which brand to put forward.

Brand Guardianship

This is our take on the scalable brand ambassador. It’s hard to find the right person and it’s hard to justify a full-time salary for someone to fulfil this role. However, we know that having someone be the face of the brand and out regularly doing activations, guest shifts, and masterclasses is key to success.  Our Brand Guardians look after multiple brands, but since we don’t have any competing brands they’re never conflicted.


We provide brand owners with detailed information about who is buying your product, how we’re promoting it, and feedback from key accounts. Although this seems obvious to us we know that many brands only learn of the activity in markets when an order is placed and the rest is a black box. We also actively solicit advice from brand owners about what’s working in other markets and look for ways to share knowledge and help the brand work everywhere.

How it Works

Market Research.jpg

Market Research

Every engagement begins with the Dyspatchr team conducting in-depth market research. We prepare a report for brand owners laying out the landscape and our recommendations.


Samples to Market

While Dyspatchr is conducting the market research, brand owners share a sampling of their existing product line. These first two steps move in parallel.


Seed the Market

With product in hand and a market position identified, we'll reach out to key accounts in the market to conduct tastings. A soft touch introduction and feedback gathering exercise.


Consignment Stock to Market

While Dyspatchr is conducting tastings and introducing the products to the market, you can prepare to send the product to market. Don't worry, we can help you with international shipping.


Receive Payment from Dyspatchr

On a quarterly basis, the Dyspatchr team will prepare an accounting of the market with account details, order history, business development pipeline, and transparent accounting of costs.

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